jeudi 18 janvier 2018

La Kona Residence de Belzberg Architects : un bijou architectural Hawaïen - #archilovers #design #luxury

Nichée entre des coulées de lave refroidie, la Kona Residence est une véritable villa de rêve construite en plein coeur de la nature Hawaïenne. Afin d’intégrer et de mettre en valeur les environs de la villa, Belzberg Architects a conçu les axes de Kona Residence non pas de façon linéaire mais en fonction des différents points de vue disponibles. Ainsi, la Kona Residence offre une vue panoramique à la fois sur les montagnes volcaniques à l’Est et sur l’océan à l’Ouest.

Beach House / Schmidt Arquitectos Asociados - #archidaily #archilovers #modern

The site is located on the third row of properties facing the sea, gently sloping with a blanket of Doca Carpobrotus aequilaterus, characteristic to the central coast of Chile. It has a great view of the sea and the sunsets and is exposed to the cold south west wind. The project is set with its angled geometry, by way of contrast, making the most of the surrounding landscape. The consolidated sand slope joins to accommodate the spacious interior of pure and simple materials.

mardi 16 janvier 2018

À quoi ressembleront les villes du futur ? - #archidaily #architectura #art #modern

En 2050, les villes abriteront six milliards de personnes, soit près de 70 % de la population mondiale. Un peu comme un laboratoire, Hong Kong expérimente des solutions nouvelles. Architectes et chercheurs y proposent des espaces verts sur les immeubles ou une flotte de véhicules autonomes. Un épisode de Rêver le futur, sur Planète + nous les fera découvrir ce soir à 20 h 45. Futura a abordé ce sujet à de nombreuses reprises. Voici une balade dans les villes du futur...

Luxury villa in New Zealand – a piece of Paradise - #archilovers #archidaily #design

There are 3 words that best describe Rahimoana Villa and they are: luxury, luxury, and… luxury! This lovely piece of modern architecture is located in New Zealand’s Bay of Island, near the towns of Russel and Tapeka, built on the top of а sloping site. The property has a total of 30 hectares, extending to the bay, and a long private driveway that connects the house with the road.

Take a Tour on Oliver Stone’s Manhattan Apartment - #archilovers #homeluxury #film

When you see “Directed by Oliver Stone” in the opening credits, you know that the movie you are about to watch will be unusual, uninhibited and unpredictable. And when you see “Designed by Geoffrey Bradfield” attached to a house or apartment, you know that you’ll be looking at rooms that are unusual, uninhibited and unpredictable. So it is not surprising that when the director and the designer met at a Manhattan dinner party, they discovered a shared sense of a distinctive and often daring style.

Modern minimalist Family Villa - #modern #archidaily #homeluxury

Glass and concrete are the main materials used by Architrend Architecture during the construction of this extraordinary house with its impressive exterior and nontraditional form. The project was called Villa T and realized in Sicily. The villa has tree levels, and its major advantage is the fact that it is located in the open field on a small hill and offers beautiful views.

Luxury Modern Residence With Breathtaking Views Of Glass House Mountains - #homeluxury #interiordecor #archidaily

Modern simplicity with emphasis on authenticity and natural texture is the theme of this high quality home in Maleny, Queensland, Australia, a small scenic town overlooking the Sunshine Coast hinterland. The main indoor and outdoor living spaces enjoy unobstructed views of Glass House Mountains in the distance.
Bark Design Architects designed the property by translating the experience of ‘sky and mountains’ into a place of ‘glass and stone’ inextricably connected to its landscape. The transparent internal spaces use the mountain vistas as an extension of its visual space.

Modern Luxury Villas Designed By Gal Marom Architects - #archilovers #archidaily #homeluxury

We came across the work of Israel based Gal Marom Architects and thought they were definitely worthy of a feature. Clean modern lines, floor to ceiling glass windows, plenty of ventilation, expansive pools, and beautiful landscape seem to be the characteristics common to most of their designs.

Science-Fiction : 15 villes du futur imaginées par le cinéma ! #architecture #film #archilovers

L’univers du cinéma explore abondamment la question du futur et permet de communiquer différentes visions de l’évolution de la ville. Ces visions imaginent comment pourraient devenir certaines grandes villes existantes, se basent sur des villes existantes pour en imaginer d’autres ou élaborent carrément des villes entières en partant de rien.

dimanche 14 janvier 2018

Piscine et architecture - #pool #architecture #archilovers

C’est un fait: aujourd’hui, la piscine est « architecture ». Elle participe à la composition esthétique jusqu’à être, parfois, l’élément central de la création. Petit tour d’horizon de différentes façons de l’aborder.

Les plus beaux jardins à voir au Japon - #nature #travel

Des domaines impériaux aux réalisations zen, la paysagiste Sophie Walker nous initie à l’art du jardin japonais, son histoire millénaire et ses multiples facettes.


House in Altea Hills / RGB arquitectos - #homedesign #architecture #luxury

The idea of the house comes from the concept of “catching” the landscape. So, a container frame emerges from the pool and wraps the house. This framework, due to the topography of the mountain where it is located and to create more privacy, becomes a very dynamic and continuous element, wich takes different forms as it adapts to the circumstances. Emerges from the pool, as a triangle for privacy, and reaches the deck and descends on the opposite side of the pool. The trajectory that draws, is reinforced by the linear use of artificial lighting.

San Isidro par Valls Architects - #archilovers #building #archidaily

Cette somptueuse villa au design contemporain et innovant, est située dans la ville de Guatemala et surplombe le terrain de golf de San Isidro. Il s’agit d’une résidence entourée de végétation, les architectes ont donc joué avec l’extérieur en intégrant les jardins et vues naturelles dans les espaces intérieurs, ce qui mène à un mélange entre intérieur et extérieur.


The Architectural Treasures of Barcelona - #archilovers #architecturelovers #barcelona

À Barcelone, le photographe français Gauvin Lapetoule a décidé de lever les yeux. Et grand bien lui en a fait, puisque cela lui a permis de dénicher des plafonds tous plus majestueux les uns que les autres, qu’il a compilés en une série regroupant des plafonds appartenant à des courants artistiques divers, de l’antique au moderne, du magasin ZARA aux prestigieux palaces.

vendredi 12 janvier 2018

Kauhale Kai Hawaii - #archilovers #archidaily #arquitectura

The vision for this house was to create a place where architecture, landscape, art and land come together as one.

 For this site perched above Kaunaoa Bay on Hawaii’s Big Island, design inspiration came from the clients’ affinity for modern art and architecture and their desire to capture Hawaii’s warm sense of aloha in a seaside home to share with extended family.


Apartment with Sweeping Central Park Views - #archilovers #architecturelovers #archidaily

This luxury condo is located on the 54th floor of One57, a building on West 57th Street constructed by architect Christian de Portzamparc in 2014. Beyond the gallery entrance, the light-drenched open living and dining room features floor-to-ceiling windows with views of Central Park to the north, Midtown to the east, and the Chrysler Building and Empire State Building to the south. There’s a gourmet kitchen and a separate wing that houses four en suite bedrooms, including the master, which has a sitting room and a marble bath. A fifth room could serve as another bedroom or a family room.

4 Chic Homes that Utilize Lofted Spaces - #loft #interiordesign #archilovers

When you think of a loft, particularly in modern parlance, you probably expect to find a concrete room with vaulted ceilings and very little in the way of warmth. But all loft really means is a space that sits above another space. Often lofted rooms are used for cozy sleeping areas while the rest of the home is kept open and airy, but a lofted space can serve as a home office, a playroom, or even simply storage. The four homes here utilize the lofted design to maximize their space while also paying attention to the chic, stylish details of the rest of the house or apartment.

Luxury Yacht Interior Design - #interiordesign #decoration #luxury

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wander around inside a plush luxury yacht? Well, this is your lucky day. We've got a gallery of luxurious yacht interiors that will leave you wondering why the owners of these vessels would ever set foot on dry land. We start off with an in depth look at a two and a half deck single model 130 Sport Yacht...

jeudi 11 janvier 2018

GWdesign’s Luxury Hill House in Los Angeles - #arquitetura #building #homedecor

Studio GWdesign construit cette maison de luxe sur les collines du légendaire West Hollywood. La maison couvre une surface totale de 520 mètres carrés. Sur les quatre étages de cette résidence offre une vue panoramique spectaculaire sur l'océan Pacifique et Los Angeles.

Luxurious single family residence is situated in Los Angeles, California - #homedesign #design #luxuy

This cliff hanging architectural marvel is the epitome of what defines a trophy home in the rarified atmosphere of the Bird Streets in Los Angeles. The bold design of this one-of-a-kind Hollywood Hills West home exalts the exclusivity of a contemporary modern space with unparalleled California indoor/outdoor living that delivers the pinnacle of high-end, Los Angeles luxury home elegance.

mercredi 10 janvier 2018

This X-shaped House Design is a Work of Great Architectural Minds - #architecture #design #luxury

Cette maison en forme de X est l'enfant du cerveau de conception de grands esprits architecturaux. De Cadaval & Sola-Morales de Barcelone, en Espagne, vient la maison X porte bien son nom. Il a la forme que pour répondre à toutes les exigences du client, tout en même temps, en accordant une attention particulière aux conditions et méthodes site qui entraînerait un préjudice minimum à la nature. La maison a très peu de présence à partir du niveau de la rue, ce qui en fait un refuge de toutes sortes. Mais ne vous y trompez pas, c'est un chef - d'œuvre architectural.

lundi 8 janvier 2018

Mountainside Home Made With Aged Materials - #architecture #design #art

Construit dans un endroit géographiquement difficile au Mexique nord-ouest, cette maison impressionnante par P + 0 Architectura mélange influences des climats de montagne et le désert, en les intégrant à la fois dans un ensemble contemporain et luxueux. De loin, la résidence semble augmenter que légèrement de la montagne, mais la portée réelle de sa construction est révélé que vous vous aventurez plus en plus proche.

Fantastic London Penthouse Crowns a Luxury Complex - #architecture #design #home

Part of a sleek new complex in London, this fantastic penthouse is a crowning residence atop a luxurious base. With architecture by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, the apartment is defined by acute wall joints and sloping ceilings. Its interior volumes and exterior decks all exemplify the influence of a modern city, blending architectural function with modern-day style. The penthouse is filled with decor design by Studio Reed, and each space has its own luxurious style.

This Modern Masterpiece with Best Views in Bel-Air - #architecture #decoration #design #luxury

This modern masterpiece boasts the best views in Bel-Air. Sitting high above the city, this striking contemporary home has explosive views of Los Angeles – and the Pacific ocean. Designed by renowned architect Paul McClean, no detail is spared across this dramatic, open floor plan. How does 8 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms sound? And did we mention the wine cellar, gym, home theater, finished auto gallery (that’s right, auto gallery), and infinity pool? And it’s for sale, if you’d like to make an offer. If you have a spare $50 million lying around.

Exquisite Contemporary House Near Kensington Gardens - #architecture #design #luxurious

Located at St. Petersburg Place near Kensington Gardens in London, England, this exquisitely designed contemporary home is set back from the street behind an elegant Victorian facade.
Architecturally designed by Michela Bertolini Design Studio, the 4,500 square foot home has six bedrooms and living spaces arranged over five floors. A bespoke Bulthaup kitchen overlooks a landscaped front garden, and a modern staircase leads to a formal reception room on the first floor.