mercredi 13 décembre 2017

Luxury Miami New Condo Echo Brickell - Penthouses HD

World's Finest Penthouse | Mansions At Acqualina | #architecture & #design

gregonews - La Maison Livres / Luigi Rosselli - #architecture & #design

The Architect understood that the books were not only a reference to a home he had previously designed named The Six Degrees of Separation, but also to the ledges and shelves of Sydney-Hawkesbury sandstone outcrops that surface on the steep escarpments of the northern side of Sydney Harbour, including the block of land owned by the Calligrapher and the Businesswoman.

gregonews - Clifton Voir 7 Le Cap / Afrique du Sud / #architecture & #design

The clients brief was to completely strip out the double-level apartment and to re-configure the interior layout to accommodate four bedrooms, en-suite, a gym, entertainment cocktail bar, cinema room and wine cellar. The site is perched over dramatic boulders and the Atlantic Ocean and experiences sweeping views of the Clifton beaches as well as the Twelve Apostles mountain range.

gregonews - 12 Container House / Adam Kalkin - #architecture & #house

12 Container House is a prefab home, it was created by stacking a dozen orange “reclaimed” shipping containers in a T-shape looking out over the rocky peninsula to Blue Hill Bay.